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 Dear Friend,

If you're sober enough to realize that even after the March 2000 crash, stocks are still massively overvalued relative to historical values, such as price-to-sales and price-to-earnings ratios… And you want to avoid getting cold-cocked by Mr Market, then ATC is the investment newsletter for you!

      When you subscribe to Against the Crowd, you get well-researched short selling recommendations that -- on average -- make money.

      Of course, not every short selling recommendation will be profitable. But out of the last twenty-four recommendations I've made, only five lost money giving ATC subscribersÖ

An Average Return Of 17% Per Short Selling Recommendation!

      Here's the last three ATC short selling recommendations:

      Human Genome Sciences (symbol: HGSI) 18% profit v. -3.1% S&P 500 loss
      Cablevision (symbol: CVC) 16% profit v. 2.8% S&P 500 gain
      Openwave (symbol: OPWV) 18% profit v. -3.5% S&P 500 loss

      When you subscribe to ATC, you'll get about one short selling recommendation every third issue. That's because instead of sending you short selling recommendations willy-nilly, I'd rather wait until a profit is almost guaranteed.

      And when the market hits rock bottom, you'll get undervalued stock recommendations. Not phony "undervalued" stock recommendations, like the ones you see on CNBC.  But undervalued recommendations in the tradition of legendary value investors Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.  (In case you haven’t heard of them, they wrote the 1934 book, “Security Analysis.”  It’s considered by many to be the best book ever written on investing.)

      Some months there will be no recommendations. So, to make sure you get your money's worth, you'll get a recommendation guarantee.

       If you get two consecutive issues without a short selling recommendation, the following issues won't count against your subscription until you get a short selling or undervalued recommendation. And...

Here's What You Get When You Subscribe:

       Profitable short selling recommendations and portfolio allocations. (Rake in the cash with profits of up to 17% or more, while others get keel hauled.)

       Special gold stock report ($19.95 value). You'll find out the little-known secret behind why gold will skyrocket to over $500 an ounce. (Any other reasons are merely icing on the cake.) Two of the four long gold stock positions recommended are up over 75% so far, and the catalyst talked about in the report hasn't even come into the picture yet!

       Monthly list of toxic stocks. These are stocks you want to avoid like the plague. Regardless of what they tell you on CNBC. (Remove just one of these from your portfolio and you could pay for your subscription several times over.) 

       Many of these stocks have been banished to the scandalous and fraud-ridden pink sheets.  For example, Hybrid Networks (symbol: HYBR.PK) sold for about $18 when I alerted my subscribers.  It now sells for less than a cent.  The same happened to Genesis Intermedia (symbol: GENI.PK).  It sold for $16.  Now, it's a penny stock.

       Other stocks have simply fallen through the floor.  Finisar (symbol: FNSR) is one of these stocks.  It sold for about $48 when my subscribers were alerted.  Today, it sells for less than a buck fifty.

       Exclusive access. I personally answer any questions you have via email within 24 to 48 hours.

      I shouldn't have to convince you of the obvious benefits of a newsletter such as Against the Crowd, so...

Subscribe Today!

      It's your choice: flush thousands of dollars each year down the broker toilet, burn hundreds of dollars on negative-return newsletters, get wiped out by suckers rallies...or go with ATC for only $97 a year. Click here to subscribe today!


"I wanted to tell you that from the 200+ newsletters and chatrooms that I have followed in a four-year period, your site has to be one of the top three. I started to follow your service back in May 2001...As I began to watch each stock, my stomach began to turn because I saw that I was truly missing out on a 22%-32% short selling profit on each. So, now that I have confirmed that you guys are the "REAL DEAL,"... Keep up the fantastic work because your stock-picking skills are truly a rarity.

-- Stan Sharpe, Nashville, TN.


"Just a quick note to say thank you. I took my first trade since becoming a subscriber. I have a small account and had no guts. I shorted 150 shares of Fleming Companies and blinked yesterday. I covered with 1.40 profit. It wasn't much but it was the best trade I've had in six months. Tonight I see I should have stuck with you until you said to get out as it dropped another 1.10 on the close. I will ride with you on the next one that's for sure. In the meantime, I have more than paid for my subscription AND made me some money. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next recommendation!!"

-- C. & D. Wood, Bloomington, IN.


"I love your letter and want to thank you immensely for liberating me from the evil brokers! You don't give recommendations every day or week, hence I know these recos are genuinely researched and you're not trying to churn off an inventory of bum stocks on me just to get a commission or meet a brokerage sales quota. You are DEFINITELY "Against the Crowd." Keep up the great work! "

-- Scott Kjar, Auburn, AL


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